We represent the interests of black developing and commercial grain farmers in South Africa

SAGRA has 12 key focus commodities

By focusing on the commodities below, we aim to:

  • Organise small-scale and developing commercial grain farmers in South Africa.
  • Promote, drive and create a platform for effective and impactful development for all small-scale and developing grain farmers in South Africa.

How SAGRA helps its farmers:

SAGRA equips the farmers for success by ensuring they fully participate in key programs which help in enhancing the capacity and skills of its farmers to move from subsistence farming to more commercial farmers that impact the nation in securing its food security.

The following programs are in place for the farmers:

  1. Syndicate Groups: These groups provide timeous information to farmers about developments within the farming community, these groups especially help grain farmers.
  2. Commercialisation & Enterprise Development Programme: This is one of our core programmes that ensure the development of African farmers in order for them to start commercialization of their farming activities.
  3. Training & Capacity building programmes: Capacitate the African farmers with new technologies for enhancement of the farming enterprises and businesses. This is especially important in terms of building the farmer's overall effectiveness and yields in the crop being planted, and this can only be done through the enhancement of critical farming skills which are brought about by SAGRA Professional Mentors who take the time to teach each and every one of our farmers.
  4. Agro-processing: Capacitate African farmers with new technologies for the enhancement of farming enterprises and businesses. This will also include full participation in the integrated value chains which will enhance African farmer standings within food security of the country.
  5. Agro-logistics and mechanisation solutions: Providing agro-logistics solutions is one of the core principles in agriculture in order to have an effective system of material flow, from the sources of origin of agricultural production to the end-users. Providing mechanisation solutions is part of our core in ensuring our farmers get the assistance they require in ploughing, planting, seedbed, spraying and other core agri-mechanisation processes.